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8 Effective Points in Human Resources Decision Making

1- Hire the correct person for right job (use personality test in hiring process) and then providing them with wonderful training (can be through a Model) and supply support and reward for best performance. Positive employee attitude can promote stronger client loyalty.
Satisfied Employee-----Satisfied and constant customer--------Continuous Growth for the corporate
2- Human Resources have to be compelled to supply a career instead of simply    employment. Image building in new hires.
3-  Standardize the Human Resources process throughout the organization.
4-  Audit employee job satisfaction often.
5-  Employee friendly policies and care concerning sensible food, water, accommodation and cleanup atmosphere for employees.
6-  Strong coordination with other departments regarding human resource functions.
7-  In most corporations, not all staff area unit trained and actuated to figure for the client. Thus this may be responsibility of every department’s manager to form the behavior of his subo…

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